My first Pusheen drawing!

If you don’t know Pusheen, she is a very popular cartoon cat on the internet




She has a sister named Stormy too


My phone is even dedicated to Pusheen!

Pusheen phone theme 12132499_10100700537863907_2829073839236504535_o






I made my very own drawing of Pusheen and Stormy as part of a holiday card contest

Pusheen Holiday Christmas



Here is my drawing in pencil then outlined in sharpie

pusheen drawing

I edited it and colored in Gimp’s software which I feel pretty comfortable with, but I feel like there is an easier way to clean up lines than with various filters. Artists let me know your secrets!



This reminded me how much I love drawing, especially cute things!  Although I love more artistic styles, I feel like kawaii is the only one I am skilled at. I look forward to drawing Pusheen again and more!



One thought on “My first Pusheen drawing!

  1. writingbolt says:

    I have never heard of Pusheen, which tells ya how popular she is over here. 😛 I know the Sanrio bunch, and that lot kind sickens me. But, this looks like a cute Russian blue sort of cat. Cute and cozy little cartoons. I am eating up the cookie recipe one. Now, I want cookie dough…better yet, actually baked chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven.


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