How to make your medical records easy to access for medical responders!

Recently I had surgery and was told I had a very difficult intubation (inserting the breathing tube). The anesthesiologist recommended I put the information on my fridge and wear a medical alert bracelet.  The paper had tons of detailed information, how could I fit it all on a bracelet?  I asked myself, would the emergency responders see the paper on my fridge? What if I had an emergency away from home?  I also wanted a way for healthcare professionals to easily access my all of my medical history, emergency contacts, medication list, allergies and contact info of my doctors. How could I make all of this info easily available when needed?


I knew I could print all of the information out, but that would be difficult to carry around with me and hard to update. Would a responder look for it in my wallet? When my husband had an emergency recently the paramedics didn’t go looking at the fridge or his wallet for information, they just went right to him.



An alert bracelet was a good idea, but how could I fit all of my information on it? I researched scannable  QR code bracelets, but many people don’t know how to use them and the websites they worked with weren’t as customizable as I would have liked.


I did like the of using a website for my information though.  When I researched online medical profile websites, most required a monthly fee! These sites seemed hard to navigate for a first responder and required a password yoo.  Then I had an idea….




Could I make my own website with my information?  This website is run on the free hosting site WordPress, couldn’t I just make one with my info?  It is very popular so it won’t be going out of business in the foreseeable future. How could I make sure it was secure? WordPress has a function where websites can be seen when the link is shared, but do not come up in search engines. Getting this site to show up on search engines is hard enough, so I knew my medical info wouldn’t be accessible to the public.  Wordpress posts are easy to edit so I could easily update my health information over time. Having all of my information in one place would be nice to access when needed, like at a doctor’s office.



But the url for any site is usually pretty long; how could I fit it all on a bracelet? I’ve seen people use link shortening websites, but I wanted mine to be easy to remember. lets you create a custom tiny url! The site says the irl will never break or expire.



I’m pretty fashion forward so I knew I needed a medical alert bracelet that aesthetically pleasing too.  After a lot of research I found Lauren’s Hope. They had a great selection of fashion conscious bracelet styles with enough engraving space to fit my website link. I found the perfect solution!





5 Super Easy Steps even grandma can do!




1. Make a free website at

Wordpress has a free option, just click "Get Started"

WordPress has a free option, just click “Get Started”

Choose a theme, nothing fancy, I like Penscratch

Choose a theme, nothing fancy, I like Penscratch



2.  Name your site something unique like (random numbers)(lastname)(random letters)




3. Write medical info in a post

Hover over Posts, click "Add New"

Hover over Posts, click “Add New”


Write information in box, hit post

4. Go to TINYURL.COM and make custom alias, again something rather unique, no more than 7 characters long

Paste website url, in first box, write custom alias in second box, click Make TinyURL

Paste website url, in first box, write custom alias in second box, click Make TinyURL, copy tinyURL on next page


5. Get a custom engraved medical alert bracelet (like LAUREN’S HOPE) with a line saying “Medical History at” (next line)””

Select bracelet style, put info in boxes

Select bracelet style, put info in boxes


You’re done!

I think this is a great idea and I would love to share it with anyone with a complicated medical history like me. Please share this site with your friends!


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