Gross “facts” disproven; spiders and termites and beetles, oh my!

Gross -facts- disproven

Original Star Trek star and gay rights activist George Takei might be the king of Facebook.     He currently has almost 8.5 million followers.  That’s the population of New York City, the 8th largest  city in the world!

I love Mr. Takei’s posts ranging from casual laughs to serious social issues.  Sometimes he posts links to these lists of “facts” which are not entirely true.  On March 19th his husband Brad Takei posted a link to “22 Awful Facts You’ll Wish you Never Read” from which had some significant errors.

 On average humans will eat 8 spiders in their lifetime.

On average humans will eat 8 spiders in their lifetime.
This “fact” was created by columnist Lisa Holst in 1993 to show how false “facts” are spread. Spiders want nothing to do with a human’s mouth, or humans in general. They just want to catch bugs and reproduce.


Termites have the smelliest farts and are a major contributor to global warming.
Termites do fart the most of any species, but it does not have a smell. If it did, people would be able to smell a termite infestation.
In 1993 the EPA released a report sighting termites as a major contributor to methane gas emissions, without any research or details. Termites cause 3% of all methane gas emissions and methane is 4-9% of greenhouse gases so termites cause about 0.27% of all greenhouse gases, probably not a major contributor.…/Methane-and-Nitrous-Oxide-Emissions-Fr…


Every square inch of the human body has 32 million bacteria covering it.
This is not clear in stating if it is square inches of skin or total human surface area including organs. The real number for skin is 50 million bacterita per square inch on average.


All species of beetle are edible. Pound for pound they contain more protein than beef.
This isn’t just wrong, but dangerous. Of the 350,000 species of beetles only 344 are safe for human consumption. Anf their protien value is nowhere near that of beef.…/is-bug-protein-daniella-martin-…


15% of snails survive digestion from birds and are found in their droppings.
These numbers pertain to a study in Japan done on one type of bird and one type of snail and does not apply to all snail-eating birds at all.…/110719-snails-birds-f…/


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